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Vangie Berry, REALTOR
Vangie Berry,

"How I Get 2 to 5 Extra Listings
Every Month Using A New &
Unusual Marketing Strategy..."

I'm a broker in central Florida, and I discovered a way to get 2 to 5 listings from referrals every month using a 20-minute marketing strategy.  I put together a 17-page report about how this strategy works that you can request here...

Get Listings from re-connecting with clients & friends (strategy 9 of 10)

This is the ninth strategy in our series on the 10 Ways
Top Agents Get Listings (see strategy # 8 by clicking here).


Here’s a ready-to-use system to bring back old clients and get immediate new business in the process.

Many agents I know have a drawer full of old clients they simply forgot. Life gets busy and before you know it, it’s been months (even years) since you last contacted some of your clients.

That’s why I created the “Re-Acquaint Letter System”…

This is an easy way to get back in touch and harvest referrals and repeat business from your network, and this letter has worked for hundreds of agents all over the world.

I’ll give you the letter to use and also give you an example of a Referral Coupon. This coupon is designed to work much like a “bounce-back” type of coupon that restaurants and retail stores use. The very same strategy will work for you if you just give it a try.

How To Use The “Re-Acquaint” Letter System…

STEP 1: Create a LIST of your past clients and friends, friends, family, and acquaintances

Narrow your list down to the people you’ve not contacted in the last 6 months.

STEP 2: Send them a personal LETTER

Here’s a pre-written letter for you to use and make your own.

(click the image to download as a word document)


STEP 3: Give your Power List a meaningful REASON to get back in contact with you

Use a “Referral Coupon” that goes with this letter, like this…
They may or may not use it, but it’s a stand-out way to remind them that you work by referral.

(IMPORTANT: This coupon is designed to give a discount to the END-USER only. In most, if not all states, it is illegal to directly compensate any unlicensed person for sending you business. This coupon only makes a discount offer to the end user, NOT to a person sending you a referral.)

STEP 4: FOLLOW-UP with regular contact (at least monthly)

Agents tell me they start getting calls within a few days after this letter goes out. But you can also follow up by phone 7 days after sending the letter.

Going forward, you’ll want to keep in contact in a meaningful way. I’m not talking about pumpkin seeds or calendars here.

You can use my Service For Life!® real estate newsletter system or your own monthly contact, just make sure it’s something your Power List sees as a “welcomed guest” rather than an annoying pest. And make sure it gets out every month

This is very important. For every 100 people on your database, 14 of them will buy or sell a home in the next 12 months. And that doesn’t include the Referrals they could be sending you.

Don’t continue to leave this gigantic hole of lost revenue in your business by not following up at least once a month. This “Re-Acquaint Letter System” will help you get back in touch with your clients. Then you have make a commitment to not lose touch again by following up with your network each month with welcomed and valued contact.

[Ed note: Would you like to use a marketing system that costs nearly $0.00 and can bring you a steady flow of quality, motivated buyers — even during this slow economy? Then click here to learn about one of the highest-return, lowest-cost marketing strategies you’ll ever use in your real estate practice.]


The strategy above is called the The Re-Acquaint Letter™ System and it brings back old clients and friends, getting immediate new business in the process.

Action Steps

• Identify the friends and past clients you’ve lost touch with and get their mailing address

• Send a letter with a special coupon offering a discount on your services

Would you 44 ready-to-use systems to get more referral, repeat, and
word-of-mouth business in the next month than you got all last year?
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Get listings from Strategic Alliances (strategy 8 of 10)

This is the eighth strategy in our series on the 10 Ways
Top Agents Get Listings (see strategy # 7 by clicking here).

This can create explosive growth and income within weeks. It’s so powerful, I’ve had agents tell me they got thousands of dollars in new business in the process. Don’t toss this system aside because you think it may be too difficult, or you “don’t know anyone.” We both know that’s not true.

What is A Strategic Alliance?

A Strategic Alliance is a relationship with a compatible product or service provider (for example, accountant, investment advisor, mortgage lender, etc.) to create promotions of your products or services to each other’s clients and network. The power of strategic alliances is the trust both you and your alliance partner have already established with your respective clients.

Think about it, if you were to receive a letter from a service provider (whom you know and trust) recommending the services of another company’s product or services, it would positively influence your perception of that business. And if combined with an irresistible offer, it will clearly motivate you to at least try that service.

Strategic Alliance Step 1

First, identify all the kindred or compatible businesses in your area who already have a relationship with clients that could be yours as well.

Ask yourself this question:  “Who else in a compatible business has already established trust from a list of clients who could further benefit from my services or business?”

The secret is to find a service provider whose clients best match the markets you serve the most.  And it’s important that they have a formal list of their client base – such as a database.  If they don’t, they may not even recognize the value of cultivating your clients for more business.

Compatible businesses could include:

  • An investment broker who has a client list he or she has built over the years.
  • A mortgage broker who has dealt with home buyers in the past.
  • An appraiser, banker, architect, builder or other professional service provider to the types of customers you’re looking for.
  • A home service provider, such as a landscaper, painter, plumber, pool maintenance, pest control, etc.
  • An accountant, lawyer, veterinarian, or other profession who deals with the public.
  • A retail business with products your clients could use.

Once you have made a list of the potential service providers, you now need to approach one or more of them about your strategic alliance promotion.  So, go to step 2.

Strategic Alliance Step 2

Next, you need to approach the service provider with your proposition.  Quite frankly, any service provider should turn flips to work with you, because it will mean increased business for them as well.

Hopefully you and the service provider already know and trust each other, because that’s the key to recommending each other’s services.

Here are a few points to make to the service provider you want to work with:

  • You have an idea of promoting each other’s business to the other’s existing clients which can immediately increase business for both of you.
  • The strength in the idea is you each have a relationship and have built trust with your respective clients, and this trust can be used to generate even more clients.
  • Your product or service is non-competitive with each other’s.
  • It will not take away any income or profits they would ordinarily realize with their clients.  In fact, it will most certainly add to their revenues and client base.
  • It will be a very inexpensive way to generate clients in their business.  You will recommend your (hundreds of) clients to their business, if they recommend their clients to your business.  You each pay for the cost of letters and postage to the other’s clients.
  • You will create the letters and marketing materials.
  • You each will indemnify and hold the other harmless against any problems as a result of the offers.  Plus, you’ll unconditionally guarantee your services to their clients, and vice-versa.
  • You can route inquiries through a hotline system or response cards to verify who responded.
  • You want to start with a SMALL TEST MAILING to see if there’s a response.  This way, you can test the idea with very little money to see if it works well.  If so, then roll it out to all of your respective clients.

If the business is interested, you can explain your special offer from Step 3 below.

Strategic Alliance Step 3

At this point you probably have your partner’s interest.  So now you need to create your special offer to each other’s customers/clients.  Here’s the secret: make your offer appealing in the eyes of your client/customer, simple and easy to understand – and even easier to take advantage of.  Here’s a list of other items you want to consider:

  •  The offer will probably be in the form of a personalized letter from the endorser (other person) to his/her clients.  It’s important to have a personalized letter.  You can accomplish this by using your database and mail merge capabilities – it’s very easy.
  • Your offer must be SPECIAL and EXCLUSIVE to the clients/customers it’s intended for.  And, it truly must be a special bargain or offer for them to even consider it.  But, how much would you be willing to spend to generate a client?  You should be willing to spend a lot!
  • Clearly explain the offer: a free trial, a free consultation, free report, free valuation, discount on your first purchase.  Your offer must be strong enough for them to want to try it.  And make it easy to understand.
  • Tell WHY you are making the offer.  Give them the reason’s why they’re so special, you’re making them a special offer.  What circumstances have created this opportunity?
  • The offer must be LIMITED.  That is, it must be a one time offer, or available for a limited time.
  • Your offer must be RISK-FREE for your clients to consider it. Therefore, it must contain a guarantee of satisfaction.  The stronger the guarantee, the better.

Strategic Alliance Step 4

At this point, you need to create an easy and non-threatening response device.  It could be a postage-paid response card, a special coupon or certificate, or a hotline for them to call.  Most importantly, the response device must have an urgency attached to it, such as an expiration date.

For example, send your first letter out with a 4 week expiration date on the offer, say, for a free consultation or report. 

Then 1 week later, send a “Second Notice” short letter mentioning the offer.  Another week or so later, you could send a post card (it’s inexpensive) reminding them of the expiration date and their need to act now or lose the opportunity forever.  You can even follow-up the mailing with a telephone call.  You’ll be amazed at the increased response with wave mailings and follow-up.

Strategic Alliance Step 5

Get ALL of the names in your database!  Once you each start getting responses to your respective offers, remember to follow-up.   If you can, try to get every name of your partner’s client base in a database file for follow-up mailings.  If you cannot, ALWAYS get the name, address, and phone of all people who inquired on your offer.

The key to making the offer work is:

  • Deliver on your promise.  Give them outstanding service and follow-through.
  • Start the conversion process: get them in your database and work the prospect – into a client – into an advocate.  This is very important.
  • Cultivate them for a referral or repeat business.  Even if they don’t do business with you right now, you need to keep the conversion process going!
  • Continue to provide value, even if they don’t buy.  Get them on your newsletter list, send occasional article reprints, make future offers to them.  Never let them go!

With a little practice, you’ll be creating strategic alliances and building your network in no time.  But don’t forget the conversion process.  The only way to make the process work is with continual, personal contact; giving continued value; and motivating referrals and new/repeat business.


By the way, if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to nurture relationships and demonstrate why you’re worthy of referrals, check out this real estate newsletter.



The strategy above is called the Strategic Alliance™ System is one of the easiest, fastest ways to build an explosive network in weeks!

Action Steps

• List out potential business owners who can introduce you to their clients and customers

• Send out a letter to have strategic alliance partners promote your services to their contacts

• Then you can send out a letter to promote your strategic alliance partner to your network

Would you like ready to use letters to send to potential Strategic Alliance partners to get listings from their contacts? Click here…


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Get Listings from Keeping in Touch with Facebook Friends (strategy 7 of 10)

This is the seventh strategy in our series on the 10 Ways
Top Agents Get Listings (see strategy # 6 by clicking here).

It doesn’t matter if you sell homes to young, first-time homebuyers or people of retirement age…almost everyone is on Facebook.  Buyers and sellers in your local area, not just random people out on the Internet.

I’d like to share a system I call Facebook Referral Programming™ because it can help you stand out, get remembered, and referred a lot more than you do now… instead of ignored by your social connections.

Many agents think they can “stay in touch” with past clients, friends, and family by simply being on Facebook.  But being someone’s “friend” online is not a real relationship.  It doesn’t make you the automatic choice for someone’s business and referrals.

You have to provide ongoing value to build an authentic relationship, whether it’s in person or on the Internet. You also have to be remembered when the time is right for someone to need your help with real estate.

Side Note: Don’t fool yourself, posting your listing information is NOT “keeping in touch.”  It can be annoying to people on social media to talk about business stuff all the time. It may help you sell a home once in a while, but it won’t help you get consistent referrals.

How Does This “Top of Mind” Facebook System Work?

It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3…

1. Comment in a real and natural way to stay in touch for referrals

2. Post a certain type of “status update” to your personal profile each day

3. Post a certain type of “status update” to your Business Page each day


Let’s take these one at a time…


#1:  Stay Top of Mind With COMMENTS

Many of your friends on Facebook will announce “life events” that may require a real estate transaction on this social media site BEFORE anywhere else.


Each day, read through your friends’ updates and find something to message them about.  This is completely up to your personality, so I can’t give you suggestions on what to say because every person will be different.  But here are some categories of conversations you want to watch for and comment on:


Specific life events

  • Congratulate people on engagements or weddings
  • Congratulate birth of new child
  • Congratulate high school or college graduation
  • Congratulate new job promotion
  • Congratulate retirement


Seasonal events

  • Acknowledge birthdays (individually mark them on your calendar)
  • Share holiday wishes


In General

  • Give helpful tips about local area restaurants and businesses
  • Build people up, encourage their dreams
  • Send condolences when there is an illness/death or hard times
  • Thank people publicly for sending you a referral



IMPORTANT:  Don’t worry about including your name, your phone, or anything else.  People will know you’re a REALTOR® on Facebook if they look at your personal profile.  This “comments” strategy is a way to be a great friend people can turn to when the time is right for real estate.


TIP:  When you’re reading through updates from your friends and you notice one of their friends (friend of a friend) makes a comment about real estate, or indicates they need help, message your friend directly for an introduction.


Here’s an example (more ready-to-use social media posts are available to 3-Steps Ultimate™ members):

“How do you know [PERSON]?  Sounds like they need real estate help.  I’d love to help them by giving them a report I wrote about how to sell a home fast and for the most money the market will pay. Can you introduce me?”


#2:  Stay Top of Mind With “FRIENDS”

Post these types of messages DAILY on your personal profile:

  • life events,
  • inspirational quotes,
  • funny stories,
  • referral programming,
  • and occasional offers for helpful information or free introductory services.


Here are two examples (more ready-to-use social media posts are available to 3-Steps Ultimate™ members):


Tips in Newsletter:


“INSERT HEADLINE OF HELPFUL ARTICLE” (example = 7 Natural Methods To Cure Headaches)


Have a great day and please feel free to contact me if you have a real estate question or introduce me to friends who may need help with real estate.



Inspirational Quote:


This inspired me:


- Name of Person

Have a great day and please feel free to contact me if you have a real estate question or introduce me to friends who may need help with real estate.



#3:  Stay Top of Mind With “FANS”

Post these types of messages DAILY on your Business Page:

  • real estate news and local market updates,
  • ask questions and share stories of how you’ve helped others,
  • client recognition and appreciation, plus
  • your monthly newsletter


Here are seven examples (more ready-to-use social media posts are available to 3-Steps Ultimate™ members):


TELL STORIES (use them to target a specific type of prospect)


Just closed a home for a client who thought she couldn’t afford her first home. The monthly payment was fine because she was already paying MORE per month renting.  It was the down payment that had her stuck.  After I explained how gifts could be given from her family (without tax consequences), she was able to easily afford her down payment and find her dream home.  Call me if you’re renting and want help too.  555-555-5555


I found out from my CPA yesterday that if I got rid of one of my investment properties that I’d owe $1500 more PER Month in income taxes!  Do you want a tax write-off too? There has never been a better time to buy!  Start your home search at


My short sale processors are awesome!  We just closed a short sale yesterday and got the buyer over $5k in closing costs that they did not even ask for. If you are considering a short sale, give us a call, 555-555-5555.  It’s free for you and the bank might even pay you to move out.



EVENT CALENDARS + LOCAL INFO (include link after post)


Here is the City Events Calendar for the month. (link)


July 4th Fire Works locations in ____ County.  Enjoy! (link)


2015 (Baseball Team) Schedule attached. (link)



MONTHLY NEWSLETTER (include link after post)


Check out our May Real Estate Newsletter with lots of fun stories and tips! (link)


The strategy above is called the Facebook Referral Programming™ System and
it positions YOU as the premier area expert.

Action Steps

• Comment in a real and natural way to stay in touch for referrals

• Post status updates to “friends” of your personal profile each day that are helpful and not always about real estate

• Post status updates to “fans” of your Business Page each day that are helpful and identify people who may be thinking of selling their home (or buying a home) soon

Would you like MORE ready to use status update messages your
friends and fans will appreciate?  Click here to learn more…


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Get listings from being a Facebook neighborhood specialist (strategy 6 of 10)

This is the sixth strategy in our series on the 10 Ways
Top Agents Get Listings (see strategy # 5 by clicking here).


Do you want an incredibly effective way to use Facebook to make yourself THE real estate expert people want to work with in a local area?

Here’s a powerful strategy you can use with Facebook business pages that can get you massive exposure and credibility online with people in a targeted region of your local city or town.

It’s called a “community” fan page, where you focus the Facebook page around interesting things about where you live (or work) instead of yourself.

That’s the secret, and here’s the step-by-step process to put it to work in your business:


STEP 1:  Create A “Community” Page

STEP 2:  Setup of Background Info of Your “Community” Page

  • About:  Focus this around the community but proclaim yourself as the “Area specialist” who set up the page to share with residents and friends all the great things to do if you live there.
  • Photo: Choose a photo of the area, not you or your logo!

STEP 3:  Start Adding Posts To Your “Community” Page

  • Demonstrate why they should think of you as a specialist of that area…
  • What to share?  Share tips, insights, fun facts about the area.
  • How long?  Doesn’t have to be long – a few sentences.
  • How often?  DAILY or WEEKLY, Make a goal to do this for an entire year (give it at least 3 months to start seeing some interest).
  • Don’t forget you can “Schedule Posts” on your page to go out each day or each week.
  • Examples:

365 Things To Do In Vancouver, WA

San Clemente Living

STEP 4:  Announce Your “Community” Page To Friends/Fans

How do you get some initial fans to get the ball rolling?

After a few posts (at least 3 to 5 so something is on your page) do the following…

Simply email your existing friends (even if they don’t live in your area) and ask them to do you a favor and “Like” the new page:

  • Friends on Facebook — post a message as a Status Update for friends
  • Email contacts – invite friends to like it by going to “Build Audience,” invite email contacts, and then following the options to have an email be sent for people to “Like” your community page.


Here’s an example message:


I just created a new page about a community I know inside and out. 

It’s called [365 Things To Do In Area].  Visit the page and click “Like” to help me out.  I’ll share fun things to do in [Area], along with amazing restaurants, hidden gems, and updates about the real estate market.


The idea with this system is to post things that people want to “share” with others so you continue to get new likes, virally…without having to spend money getting more fans.

Ask yourself, “What are things to do in [Area]” that few people know about?  Or, what could you highlight or share about the area that is unique to that area?  And be consistent, even if it’s only weekly.

The strategy above is called the Facebook Neighborhood Specialist™ System  positions YOU as the premier area expert.

Action Steps

• Create A “Community” Page On Facebook

• Setup of Background Info of Your “Community” Page

• Start Adding Posts To Your “Community” Page

• Announce Your “Community” Page To Friends/Fans

Would you like pre-written messages you can share on
your Facebook page?  Click here…


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