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Vangie Berry, REALTOR
Vangie Berry,

"How I Get 2 to 5 Extra Listings
Every Month Using A New &
Unusual Marketing Strategy..."

I'm a broker in central Florida, and I discovered a way to get 2 to 5 listings from referrals every month using a 20-minute marketing strategy.  I put together a 17-page report about how this strategy works that you can request here...

How to get Listings from Facebook (strategy 4 of 10)

This is the fourth strategy in our series on the 10 Ways
Top Agents Get Listings (see strategy # 3 by clicking here).

Are you a fanatic for Facebook?

If you’re not already, you will be once you know how to tap into the largest social media community to get new buyer and seller clients, sell homes faster, and lock-in ongoing referrals and repeat business.

The following are the “best of the best” practices that few agents know and even fewer use.

You’ll now be armed with exactly what to do to make money using Facebook without wasting any time. This is how you build relationships on Facebook with friends and fans, so they happily refer their friends to you (and also think of you when they’re ready to list their home for sale or are ready to buy).


Master Checklist To Get Business From Facebook


  • Post “status updates” on evenings and especially on weekends.
  • Schedule posts to go out to leverage your time.


  • Don’t overuse updates or people will stop paying attention to you.
  • 1 post each day on your personal profile and another 1 post each day on your business page.
  • Consistency – posting every day is better than 5 posts on a single day.


  • What you post on your Personal Profile vs. your Business Page – depends on type of content (see below)…

Personal Profile

  • What to post? – This is a broadcast message to every one of your friends: Post life events, inspirational quotes, funny stories, referral programming, and occasional offers for helpful information or free introductory services.

Business Page

  • What to post? – This is a broadcast message to every one of your fans: Post real estate updates, stories of how you’ve helped others, client recognition, and a link to your monthly newsletter.


  • What to say? – This is a conversation with the person who sent an update: Thank them, ask another question, or add something valuable to start a discussion. Use comments to bond people to you and identify people who are experiencing life events that may require help with real estate. If needed, contact the person through a private Facebook message.


  • Include or not? – Always include, if you can find something relevant to your update. This gets attention of people scanning the newsfeed.


  • What type of offers work best? – free list of homes, free home value analysis, and free real estate reports.
  • When and how to use? – Once a week on personal page, and several times a week on Business Page

Response mechanism

  • Personal Profile – Ask a question (so people comment), Share a quote or funny story (so people click “like”), or Make an offer for free info/service (click link to go my business page: include your URL)
  • Business page – Free Report or Service (click Like then Call me at 555-555-5555)

What not to do

  • Don’t send people to your website (unless you have a proven offer and a reliable way to capture the lead there)
  • Don’t just post listing info all the time (turns people off)


The checklist above is part of the Facebook Fanatic™ System and it is the most profitable way to use social media without wasting time…

Would you like to ready to use status update messages to be liked, respected, and generate business without “selling” on Facebook? Click here…


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Is this the best way to Farm for Listings? (strategy 3 of 10)

This is the third strategy in our series on the 10 Ways
Top Agents Get Listings (see strategy # 2 by clicking here).

Most agents destroy their chances of success when farming before they even begin because they select the WRONG TARGET MARKET.

The first “secret” to farming successfully is to select the right market.  You never want to “mass farm” because you simply don’t have the time and money to get any market penetration that way.

You want carefully selected “target farm” areas of about 300 to 750 homes (each market), and a plan to dominate the area with continuous, value-oriented contact.

Would you rather go fishing in a pond with a few dozen fish, or a pond with a few hundred…or thousands?  The answer is obvious: the more fish, the greater your odds of having fish for dinner.  The same is true with target-farming…

You Want To Fish In

I frequently ask agents how they selected their farm area, and they’ll tell me something like, “oh, it just seemed to be a good area,” or “I live there,” or “it’s conveniently located between work and home.”

WRONG ANSWER!  Most agents don’t have any strategy behind their decision, so most of the time they select the wrong area(s) – doomed up front.

The first “secret” to farming successfully is to select the right market.

You never want to “mass farm” because you simply don’t have the resources of time and money to get any market penetration that way.

You want carefully “target-farm” areas of about 300 to 750 homes (each market), and plan on dominating the area with continuous, value-oriented contact.

So BEFORE you spend a nickel on farming, we need to select a target…a HIGH POTENTIAL TARGET.

What should you look for in selecting a good market?

All you need is access to your local MLS system. Review these 3 items for the areas you’re considering:

1. The Gross Profit Potential Of The Market You Selected;
2. The Earnings Potential Of The Market, (Vs. Other Markets)
3. How Much YOU Can Expect To Make By Selecting That Market

If you’re willing to go through this analysis comparing various markets in your area, you’ll notice a few of them will STAND OUT and identify themselves as higher potential markets. Those are the markets you want to pursue.

Here are a few quick tips to think about:

  • Market size should be no less than 300 homes, yet not more than 750 or so
  • The greater the current number of homes for sale, the better
  • The higher the % of total market sold in a year, the better – to a point. Some markets may be bad because the homes are poor – can open you up to other problems when selling them
  • Check the trends…you preferably want increasing activity from the prior year or two
  • The fewer # of agents in the market, the better – given enough activity
  • The fewer number of dominant agents in area (market share less than 15% of area), the better. This number is calculated by taking the total number of homes sold by each listing agent, and dividing it by the total homes sold in your target market)

Want a 1-page worksheet you can use to pick the best target farm area?

Click here to download the Market Profitability Analysis


Bottom Line: A good market has enough home sales to make it worth your while, higher than usual prices, fairly high turn-over of homes (at least enough to make you a decent living with a reasonable market share), shorter time to sell, and market share spread between several agents.


The strategy above is called the Strategic Farming™ System and it can help you dominate high-potential areas without wasting money.

Action Steps

• Go on your MLS to research homes and areas that are selling

• Compare 2 or 3 different areas (to find out which is the highest-potential target market)

• Send out a series of 3 letters (spaced 1 week apart, offering a “Maximum Value Home Audit” which is more than just the value of a home)

Would you like the Maximum Value Home Audit template
that you can offer potential listings?  Click here…


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Stand Out From Other Agents When Approaching Expired Listings

This is the second strategy in our series on the 10 Ways
Top Agents Get Listings (see strategy # 1 by clicking here).

You know expired listings are motivated to sell their home, but they’re also skeptical of agents because they just had one fail them.

Here’s a simple way to show how your services stand head and shoulders above every other agent trying to cold call them.

You’ll have to speak to their frustrations and position yourself as an agent who can help them in their situation.

STEP 1: Get a list of “Quality” Expired Listings from your MLS

Not every expired listing is a good one to take.

Quickly scan the MLS each day for expireds that have an obvious reason they’re not selling. It may be the price, or it could be the listing agent did a terrible job describing the core benefits of the property.

Make your list with the names and addresses of the expired listings you want to contact. Put listings in areas you want to work at the top of your list.

STEP 2: Visit Each Expired Listing To Offer A Survey

Yes, you’re going to personally go to their home and knock on their door.

I’m not a fan of manual prospecting, but if you have no money to use our other strategies with letters and postcards that can do the heavy-lifting for you, then you’ve got to start somewhere.

And there’s another reason why it makes sense to visit Expireds face-to-face.  They don’t trust Realtors.  Remember, one just failed them. They also have swarms of agents calling them every day.

What’s going to make you stand out?

Showing up in person is a start.

But you’ll need to also diffuse their “sales” radar as soon as they open the door with a script…

Use this script when meeting Expired Sellers face-to-face:

Hi, My name is Your Name and I’m a real estate broker with ABC Realty.

I’m not trying to solicit you for business. (NOTE: YOU SAY THAT TO GET THEIR DEFENSES DOWN),  I know you’re frustrated and probably have a lot of Realtors calling you.

I sell homes in this area and I simply want to stay on top of the market.  Could I ask you a few quick questions so I know more about why your home didn’t sell?

Most every person will say “Yes.”  They are sick and tired of hearing agents promote that they’re #1.  So you’re acknowledging their frustration and bonding to them, letting them release some frustration without them feeling like they’re going to get a “sales pitch.”

Make sure to thank them, and acknowledge that the information they’ve provided will help you do a better job as an agent. (Revealing how you benefit from the conversation also lowers their resistance.)

Then transition the conversation like this:

It’s a shame your home didn’t sell.  It’s really a great home I bet a lot of people would want. You know, the average agent in the area sells X number of home a year, and I sold X number last year.  It’s mainly from my communication skills and from my 28-Step Maximum Value Home Marketing Plan.  I can leave you a copy just so you’ll be able differentiate great agents from not-so-good ones when you re-list your home.

Do you see what you just did there?

You completely changed the dynamic so they don’t feel pitched, but you’re still positioning yourself as their first choice when they do want to re-list their home.

STEP 3: Follow-Up Each Week To Check On Their Status

Mark it on your calendar to stop by once a week until they decide to re-list their home, or tell you they’re going to wait awhile.

Either way, ask them if they want to be on your monthly newsletter list so you’re building your database even if you don’t get their business.

By the way, if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to nurture relationships and demonstrate why you’re worthy of referrals, check out this real estate newsletter.

The strategy above is called the Expireds Survey™ System and it can
make you the first choice for motivated sellers to re-list their home.

Action Steps

• Get a list of QUALITY Expired Listings (in an area where other homes are selling)

• Visit the expired listings to offer a quick survey (we’ve found 3 simple questions that work best)

• Follow up with the homeowner weekly (mark your calendar – and also put them on your monthly newsletter list)

Would you like a list of questions to ask homeowners when
approaching expired listings?  Click here…


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How This Veteran Agent Makes FSBO’s Beg For Representation

Don’t you wish every FSBO understood the value your services bring to the transaction?

If you’re tired of cold calling FSBO’s to “convince” them to list with you…take just 2 minutes to read how a veteran agent in Illinois gets FSBO prospects to beg her to list their home…

Linda’s proven process is a winner if you take this easy strategy and use it in your practice. Here’s her idea (in her own words)…

“I have found that cold calling and asking FSBO’s to list with me never works. Instead, I use the following 4-steps to get FSBO’s to beg me to work with them:

STEP 1: Gather FSBO Contact Information

On Friday’s I go through our local paper and the FSBO web site and pull all the “open house” notices in the paper (with phone numbers and addresses) in the areas I’m working.

STEP 2: Contact FSBO’s and Get Appointments

I start making calls to the FSBO’s. My conversation goes like this:

Hi, My name is Linda Fogarty and I’m a real estate broker with Coldwell Banker. I noticed you have your house on the market (NOTE: I DO NOT TELL THEM I KNOW THEY’RE HAVING AN OPEN HOUSE), and I like to stay on top of the market and was wondering if I could preview your home.

Nine times out of ten the FSBO will be more open then any other time. They are getting their home ready for an open house and are afraid no one will show up. So they usually respond by telling me they are having an open house so I can come over. Then, I respond with:

Oh, I would love to but I’m having an open house myself, could I come over AFTER my open house?

They always say, “YES”! The reason I don’t go over during their open house is because I want their undivided attention. I continue to call FSBO’s in the same general area until I have a minimum of 3 appointments.

STEP 3: Make the First Visit and Become the “Helpful Agent”

When I arrive to their home, I start asking questions about their open house and of course my open house was always better. I am building rapport while I’m looking through their home and noticing they don’t have any of the following home marketing tools…

  • brochures
  • seller’s disclosure forms
  • sign-in forms

I give them a few extra copies of the forms and tools they need to have a good open house. In essence, I become their helpful REALTOR®. Plus, I just happen to have a copy of one of my beautiful brochures of my listings (so they see what they’re missing out on).

STEP 4: Follow-Up Each Week with Valuable Resources

During the next few weeks, I drop by with helpful articles that I read and thought might interest them, or I drop off forms I think they might need, or I do a market analysis for the neighborhood and go over it with them.

I have created 10 weeks of “stuff” in files that gives me another reason for going back to them again as a “helpful REALTOR®.” I rarely or never ask for the listing. In most cases it comes right to me. Why?

Because most agents I know who prospect FSBO’s give up after the 1st or 2nd try.

BIG TIP: I stay persistent when other agents are unwilling to keep going back. My average number of contacts with the FSBO is FIVE! I get most listings by the 5th visit, but I don’t give up even if it takes TEN visits. When they’re ready to list, I’m getting the listing.

I’ve calculated the amount of time it takes to call 100 FSBO’s to simply get one deal, and found that following up with a handful of open FSBO prospects each week is far more profitable. I know it will be for you too.”

Thanks for sharing, Linda. I don’t think there’s any agent reading this who couldn’t immediately start using your system. Best of all, there’s almost no money needed!

One final thought: even if the FSBO sells on their own, you can add them as a contact to your database for regular monthly contact. And then you open yourself up to getting a flow of referrals. Remember, it’s all about building market share. And market share comes from building and nurturing your Power List of past clients and leads!

By the way, if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to nurture relationships and demonstrate why you’re worthy of referrals, check out this real estate newsletter.

It’s the only one I’ve ever seen that offers a PRINT, EMAIL, and SOCIAL MEDIA version. All you do is send it out once a month to bond clients and leads to you like family. Plus this one has special programming devices that practically force people to think of you for real estate. Don’t worry there’s nothing unethical or sneaky, people actually LOVE getting it!

The strategy above is called the FSBO First Date™ System and it can make even most skeptical homeowner ask you to list their home.

Action Steps

• Get preview appointments (“dates”) by calling FSBOs

• Go on your FSBO dates (preview appointments)

• Leave behind extra home-marketing tools that demonstrate your expertise


Would you like a ready to use phone script for FSBOs? Click here…


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