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Why Video Is a Must In Your Real Estate Practice (plus tips!)

Video is the answer to self promotion.  I record videos using my iPhone – almost all smartphones now have high-quality cameras that will be sufficient and guess what- you already have your camera with you! Then, you can upload them for free to YouTube to:

  • highlight local businesses and events,
  • provide testimonials,
  • inform and educate, and
  • get a higher searching engine ranking, and
  • get more exposure for you and your practice, spending no money.

This strategy works because I get around people’s resistance to me as a salesperson and give them solid information they can use to make a better decision.  Who do YOU think they’re going to contact when they’re ready to buy?

Check out my video here for a quick demo of how to build trust with your audience, be authentic, and be entertaining:

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Endless Clients System #7 – Top 20% Power Players

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Today I want to share a little “marketing secret” with you.

It’s something very, very few agents understand. And knowing it can deliver you more clients in a month than you now get in 6-months… or even a year… while spending less time, less energy and less money in your business.

Here’s the “secret” in a nutshell:

Do you remember the “Real Estate Success Pyramid™”? I’ve shared it with you before, but if you need a quick refresher, here’s the pyramid…



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Are You Really Referable?

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 So are you?

Before you answer that question allow me to share with you three classic mistakes that agents make that in fact, make them LESS likely to be referred.

Number 1 – the marketing/messaging that they send is focused on awards, successes and ego, not on the needs and wants of the customer.

Of course this is not something they do intentionally but it can leave the consumers asking …. “Hmm – I wonder if this agent wants more business and do they have the time to handle my friend with the care they need and deserve?”

Number 2 – how do you get your message out that you DO welcome referrals? Is this something you market by postcard, email or is it an afterthought? Many top agents will actually add messaging to the back of their business card explaining how their business is actually dependent upon referrals and that they do indeed welcome them.

Number 3 – do you have any sort of regular newsletter that you send to your top tier clients and past customers to keep you top of mind for when they do think of referring business?

Not all newsletters are created equal, in fact the more professional and glossy it is, the more it will push people away … and chances are they won’t even read it because it is too “salesy.” Check out my video below for more info, and check this out if you need a newsletter people will actually welcome and look forward to.


The Best Real Estate Secret Ever!

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Hello Agent Inner Circle member,

I’ve got a “hot tip” for you when it comes to real estate success secrets…here’s a hint, it isn’t about having “secrets” at all! Watch my short video above, and stay tuned for more tips about marketing and using video in your practices.